Stuck in No-Man’s-Land

“The group [WoLF] received a $15,000 grant from the Alliance Defending Freedom to help fund a legal fight against the Obama administration over transgender bathroom policies. “

Conservatives find unlikely ally in fighting transgender rights: Radical feminists

This is a pretty meaty one, lots of elements and players interacting with each other. And I’ll admit, the investigation of this claim was pretty exhausted and not as rewarding as I wanted it to be. But let’s get into it. 

WoLF, or the Women’s Liberation Front, is a radical feminist non-profit organization. They may not match what we’ve come to think of as the typical feminist. Radical feminists, according to the Wikipedia page, see women under the constant oppression of men. When it comes to transgender views, there’s a split among radical feminists. One ideology, which is supported by WoLF, is that transgender people have no rights within the “woman community”. They believe that transwomen aren’t women. They are appropriating the idea of a woman, reinforcing feminine stereotypes and making women-only spaces dangerous with their presence. 

So what’s the Alliance Defending Freedom? Well, the ADF is a conservative Christain non-profit organization. They center their work around religious liberty, and oppositions on same-sex marriage and rights to abortions. 

The case described that ADF “donated” to was the Women’s Liberation Front vs the DOJ. The centered around an alleged violation of Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sex in any federally funded education program. WoLF sued the Obama administration for allowing any person to use the bathroom of their corresponding gender identity. WoLF claimed that this could allow any male to assume a women’s identity and make places like a women’s restroom dangerous. 

Searching through WoLF’s webpage, they have no page that details any of their cases. There is no page that mentions any of their legal cases, benefactors, etc. Under “Financials” they describe their tax exemption, and that any donation you make is tax-deductible.

Then combing through the more detailed ADF website, they have lists and links to nearly each and every case they have been directly involved in or provided aid to. Missing from this list, WoLF. They also have a page that describes their allies around the world, only to have a single picture and no way of investigating who their allies actually are. 

So these organizations are in favor of the same idea here. They don’t want gender-inclusive bathrooms or allowing transgender people access to the bathroom that corresponds to their identity. They want their cis-gendered bathrooms. So why is it so hard to find a link between these two organizations? There is no denial from either organization. Combing through fact-checks and swimming upstream and I haven’t found a thing to show that ADF donated $15,000 to WoLF. Does it mean it never happened, not exactly. We’re stuck in no-man’s-land, forced to be neutral.


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